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We specialize in miniatures, and we are also the home of

Welcome  to  our  website...My  sister-in-law, Helen and I are partners in this wild and crazy venture. We specialize in miniatures, and this is also the home of AGOTCHA APRONS. If you are a crafter, ya gotta get AGOTCHA! ...Helen  and  I  are  both  retired  and  are  avid  crafters...The  apron  came  about  when  we   realized it is no longer easy to get down under the table to pick up stuff we dropped, and also, we couldn’t  even  see  the  stuff  to  pick  it  up  if  we  could  get  down there! We would ask ourselves, why doesn’t  someone  invent  an  apron  that  will  catch  everything  we  drop?    In  January  of  2010,  we  decided   that we would invent that apron and 9 months later, it was ready to go, and that was the beginning of “mess  on  the  floor,  no  more,  no  more!”

With our miniatures, we like to create little vignettes, mostly with a Christmas theme, but we have started to branch out and embrace the rest of the year also. We have a line of Minnesnowta snowmen in 3 sizes to help you chuckle your way through the winter with their snarky signs. We also make a small santa, an assortment of trees, reindeer, wreaths, assorted miniature items, and lots of packages from small to very tiny in size. Finding paper to wrap the little packages in was not easy, so we decided to make our own paper. We offer lots and lots of paper designs, not only for Christmas but for all occasions.    We  won’t  be  putting  all  of  the  paper  out  at  once,  but  we  plan  to  rotate  the  designs  from  time   to time and if you are looking  for  something  for  a  special  occasion,  please  don’t  hesitate  to  ask  us...we   might have just what you are looking for. Helen cuts little pieces of wood for me to wrap the packages, and the wood is available separately for you to create your own little packages...You  can  order  the   holiday items at any time of the year. Our Christmas store never closes.

Be sure to check out our beautifully wrapped stackpacks. No two are alike. If you have ever tried to put, say 28 little packages under a tree in a doll house, you know it is no picnic and takes forever to place them and make them stay in place. With the stackpacks, you can create the look of tons of presents under the tree by just using 3 or 4 stackpacks. Nothing moves or tips over and the good news is it takes you less than 10 seconds to assemble them under the tree.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our website and see all the fun things we offer. We have lots of things to add and lots of new items planned for the coming year. Our website will always be a work in progress, so check back often to see what exciting new things we are adding. If you have any questions,  just  email  us...we  would  love to hear from you.

Ain’t  No  Big  Deal....”we  just  sweat  the  small  stuff.”

Pat and Helen 

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